Frozen Woods Frozen Woods


Several activities can be done here and around Frozen Woods, such as
1. Jungle Walks
        The idea behind a walk maybe to simply explore a trail, or maybe to get a feel of the jungle. or to            climb on top of the cliff.
2. Village Walks
        to expose city dwellers to the village life. we can also arrange for a villager to host you for snacks
3. Treks to Kapileshwar / Trek to Almora / Trek to near by villages
4. Treasure Hunts
5. Rock Climbing & Rappelling
6. Bird spotting 
        Excellent bird watching area with magpies, minivets, eagles, verditers, woodpeckers,etc.
7. Bridge Hunting
8. Star Spotting
9. Kite Making / Flying
10. Campfire games / Recreation Games 
        Various games like carrom board, chess can be made available at Frozen Woods
you can have the Barbecue too. We have some mountain bikes of Firefox,  which is available on rent. You can go for picnic lunches around. Or can go for treks and birding too. 

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