Oak Camp Greens


Several activities can be done here and around the CAMP GREENS, such as
1. Jungle Walks
        The idea behind a walk maybe to simply explore a trail, or maybe to get a feel of the jungle. or to climb on top of the cliff.
2. Village Walks
        to expose city dwellers to the village life. we can also arrange for a villager to host you for snacks
3. Treks to Kapileshwar / Trek to Almora / Trek to near by villages
4. Treasure Hunts
5. Rock Climbing & Rappelling
6. Bird spotting 
        Excellent bird watching area with magpies, minivets, eagles, verditers, woodpeckers,etc.
7. Bridge Hunting
8. Star Spotting
9. Kite Making / Flying
10. Campfire games / Recreation Games         

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